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No, every media website redesign isn't the same

Neil Bennett | Sept. 30, 2014
Why yesterday's much-shared article claiming to explain why 'sites have similar designs' has a blinkered sense of what web design is.

Lastly -= and perhaps more importantly -- is the interaction design. Even the major media sites vary wildly in what they try to get readers to do when they arrive on the page. Most sites still primarily focus on getting readers to read more editorial or click on ads. Others focus more on promoting commercial content -- Buzzfeed being a leader here -= or affiliates where they take a cut of any following sale (such as TechRadar on its smartphone reviews, where sometimes the deals are higher up on the right-hand column even than the ads. Where these sites place and priorities these elements - and alter them to fit different users on different platforms -- is also design, based on each site's business model.

Every media website's redesign looks the same only if you ignore it's typeface, art direction, content and how you use it. Which is probably true for every newspaper, magazine, book, DVD or other form of media you can think of.


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