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Nine best browsers for privacy 2016

Christina Mercer | June 27, 2016
Today, keeping your data private is very important. Here are the best browsers for privacy out there.

Internet privacy has never been more important for businesses and with information breaches taking down some of the UK's biggest companies, it's vital businesses take the necessary steps to secure their information when browsing online. 

With a number of options out there for private browsing, we take a look at the best browsers on the market for privacy.

1. Best browsers for privacy: Dooble

Best browsers for privacy: Dooble

Dooble is an open source browser aimed at providing absolute privacy for its users and is available on FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, OS/2, and Windows. Dooble usesauthenticated encryption on most of its stored data and allows security passphrases to be created for each browser for added security. Dooble also has a security tab with numerous settings to control privacy preferences. 

2. Best browsers for privacy: Comodo Dragon

Best browsers for privacy: Comodo Dragon

This Chrome based browser aims to provide optimised security and privacy and is available on Windows Vista, 7,8 and 10. Comodo Dragon blocks download trackers to ensure privacy and added security. Plus, Comodo Dragon is available with Comodo's antivirus and PC security software or as a standalone browser.

Comodo Dragon is also available based on Mozilla Firefox, it's called Comodo IceDragon.  

3. Best browsers for privacy: SRWare Iron

Best browsers for privacy: SRWare Iron

Another Chrome-based browser, the SRWare Ironbrowser provides customisable developer tools, privacy settings and extensions. While this browser is modeled on Chrome and does share some features, it makes a point about being a 'real alternative' to the Chrome people are used to.

4. Best browsers for privacy: Opera

Best browsers for privacy: Opera

Opera works on a semi-open source basis and cuts straight to the point with its privacy policy. Unlike Firefox and Chrome, Opera don't collect mass information on users which for some is a big thumbs up. Opera now comes with a free built-in VPN which means users can browse privately and securely. 

5. Best browsers for privacy: Tor

Best browsers for privacy: Tor

Built with 'hidden' relay servers, Tor are an advanced privacy browser. Tor blocks all plug-in and only uses HTTPS connections, meaning its user experience is more demanding than others but you do get more privacy.

6. Best browsers for privacy: Aviator

Best browsers for privacy: Aviator

Aviator's goal is to maximise privacy allowing users to browse the web without being tracked. The interface is relatively simple so when a page contains cookies a red X will appear to indicate the page did not set those cookies. What's more, the browser launches in private mode by default so privacy is clearly its mission.


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