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Netflix vs. Hulu: How to choose a streaming service

Bill Snyder | July 21, 2016
Netflix gets the edge for movies and has better technology. Hulu has more TV shows, but you can’t watch tonight’s episodes until tomorrow.

I then called customer service and was told that the film had been removed from the catalog that day. That was a weird coincidence, but it points out an annoying feature of Netflix. Films and TV shows disappear. I think that generally happens because digital rights to the selections have expired.

It's also worth noting that although streaming is the name of the game for most of us these days, Netflix's selection of movies on DVD is still much larger than its streaming offerings.

Having said that, Netflix is my first choice for streaming video. It has excellent original shows like "Orange is the New Black," "Narcos," and "House of Cards," to name just two, and complete seasons of many shows.

Netflix has gotten a bit more expensive lately; its standard high-definition streaming plan is $10 a month. You can save $2 a month by opting for a plan that only streams in standard definition and only allows one person at a time to use the service. For $12 a month, you can stream to four screens at the same time and watch programs in UHD --  ultra-high definition.

I've found Netflix to be a bit easier to use than Hulu. The technology seems more finished, it presents me with better viewing suggestions, and it's easier to find features like subtitles without digging through too many menus.

Neither service, though, has a good search interface. Both rely on a maddeningly clunky onscreen keyboard. To use it, you've got to click on one letter at a time with your remote to spell out a search term. I find that so inefficient that I'll sometimes do the search on my laptop and then watch the program on my TV.

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