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Most old people have never used the Internet - ONS usage stats for Q2 2013

Simon Jary | Aug. 15, 2013
The UK Office for National Statistics has released its "Internet Access Quarterly Update, Q2 2013" with some shocking facts about the level of non-Internet use among older and disabled people.

36%, a difference of 8 percentage points.

This difference grows to 14 percentage points for males and females aged 75 years and over.

UK Internet use by region
London and the South East were the regions with the highest proportion of Internet use with 89 percent of adults reporting that they had used the Internet.

Northern Ireland had the lowest proportion of Internet users, at 79 percent.

While there is sampling variability around these estimates, the areas with the highest proportion

of Internet use at Q2 2013 were Buckinghamshire, Monmouthshire and Newport, Outer London - South and Surrey, all at 92 percent.

UK Internet use by earnings
Of those adults in employment whose gross weekly pay was less than £200 per week, 6 percent (315,000) had never used the Internet. Internet use has almost reached full coverage for those earning in excess of £500 a week, with Internet use at 99 percent or above for all adults with weekly pay rates above this level.

Internet use has, however, increased over time for those individuals earning less than £200 per week. For example at Q2 2011, approximately 9 percent (511,000) had never used the Internet, this compares with 6 percent (315,000) at Q2 2013.

UK Internet use by disability
Individuals with a disability are approximately four times more likely to have never used the Internet than individuals without a disability.

At Q2 2013, there were 3.8 million disabled adults, as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), who had never used the Internet.

This represents 33 percent of those who were disabled and over half (54%) of the 7.1 million adults who had never used the Internet.

Of those adults who reported no disability or a work limiting disability, 9% (3.3 million adults) had never used the Internet.


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