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Media Literacy Council recognises good online behaviour on Safer Internet Day 2015

Zafirah Salim | Feb. 10, 2015
In support of SID, Facebook and MLC has launched a Bullying Prevention Centre in Singapore to offer useful tools and information for individuals being bullied, their friends, parents and teachers and even those accused of bullying.

In conjunction with Safer Internet Day (SID) today, Singapore's Media Literacy Council (MLC) launched a campaign this year focusing on "recognising good" online, which aligns with the global SID theme of creating "a better Internet together".

SID, which takes place on the second Tuesday of every February, is a public awareness initiative started in 2004 by Insafe Network, and aims to promote safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people.

MLC's campaign entails combing the social media to seek 50 individuals and groups who, in their own way, are contributing to a better Internet. These individuals must exhibit values of respect, responsibility, empathy, and integrity in their online interactions, such as posting a kind word or constructive comment, according to MLC.

Besides this, the campaign also looks for people who use the Internet in a positive and responsible manner. For instance, those who start a social cause on Facebook or make encouraging videos, as well as those reaching out to try and make a difference.

Stories of 24 individuals can be found at, and the rest of the 50 will be updated over the next few weeks. 

Through recognising good, MLC said that it hopes to inspire and bring across the message that everyone can help to create a better Internet.

"The Internet is all about sharing and empowerment. And for everyone to benefit from the Internet, it needs to be a safe and enriching space where constructive dialogue can take place, and where people can disagree without being disagreeable; this will encourage rather than stifle debate," said Tan Cheng Han, Chairman of the MLC. "The Internet is also where people with good ideas and aspirations can come together to build a better world. The Internet is what we make of it - let's harness it to create a better world, offline and online."

Facebook and MLC launch Bullying Prevention Centre

In support of SID, Facebook and MLC launched yesterday (Feb 9) a Bullying Prevention Centre in Singapore.

Its website ( which is the first to go live in Asia Pacific, offers important tools and information for individuals being bullied, their friends, parents and teachers and even those accused of bullying.

It provides bullied victims information on what they can do when they experience something upsetting, recommendations to adults who want to help, as well as guidance to the person accused of bullying on why they have upset someone and how they can make it better.

Specific actions, including links to Facebook's reporting tools, are listed for each audience. Facebook will also direct anyone who reports bullying via Facebook's reporting tools to the Bullying Prevention Centre.


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