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Kim Dotcom v United States of America: bail appeal denied

Michael Foreman | Feb. 6, 2012
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been denied bail following an appeal in the Auckland High Court on Friday.

In what appears to be a direct contradiction to police evidence, Dotcom says the door to his bedroom (where a secret doorway led to the Red Room) had automatically locked when he entered it the previous night, and he had not shut it when police arrived.

Dotcom said he waited there until police found him sitting on the floor behind a pillar. He said his hands were outstretched, which again appears to be contrary to police evidence. Dotcom said police were "quite aggressive," and he alleged that he had been hit in the face and that an officer had stood on his hand, causing it to bleed.During the proceedings Dotcom said that Megaupload had hosted 12 billion unique files. He argued that even if there were 10 copies on its servers of every movie ever made this would not account for even 12 million of the files hosted, which showed that the vast majority of Megaupload files were legitimate.

He also said that as a result of the action by the US government, 100 million Megaupload users no longer had access to their files."It's the biggest disregard of basic rights in internet history," Dotcom said.But prosecutor Toohey said documents had been filed which supported the US claim that Megaupload had caused US$500 million of harm to copyright holders. She said the estimate had been arrived at by the number of music singles downloaded, valued at US 99 cents each, that were downloaded by Megaupload users over a period of two weeks.


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