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Is Google your next cable company?

Mark Sullivan | April 29, 2013
When Google announced last summer it was building a fiber network in Kansas City, it was easy to believe that Google Fiber was just an experiment.

Google Fiber is not just some new caprice thought up by the Google founders; they have been thinking about this problem for a long time. After the San Francisco experience, Google invested in Spanish company Fon, whose software turns Wi-Fi routers into a hotspot, allowing you to share some of your bandwidth with other Fon users. In 2009, Google worked with Tropos Networks to provide free Wi-Fi to 118,000 people in Mountain View, California. In January of this year the company turned on free Wi-Fi for people in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City.

One pundit pointed out, wisely, that Larry and Sergey are big thinkers; being remembered as just the guys who made Gmail and Google Docs won't be enough for them. Being remembered as the guys who made the first self-driving car, then the guys who made access to the Web faster and better by using fiber to bust the cable/telco ISP duopoly--they'd probably like the sound of that.


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