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iOS 9 inspires lust for ad blockers

Jim Lynch | Aug. 26, 2015
iOS users can't wait to get their hands on ad blockers.

Perhaps we might return to the age of static ads? That's a lot faster than loading JS source files that pull from a zillion different ad mixers, though I might be misunderstanding the problem."

Guice666: "Oh thank god. Loading pages on mobile was getting frustrating...I would open a site, start reading, only to have the page shift on me due to post-loading of ads. And not just little bottom or top adds, but big ass 1/2 screen sized ads that shift the content completely off screen. Frustrating!"

Docbauies: "This is absolutely the biggest feature i'm looking forward to with iOS 9."

Beasts: "I just don't want to be redirected out of my browser to the app store anymore."

Cormophyte: "People wouldn't consider ad blocking a major feature if the bulk of the industry hadn't gone too far in one way or another.

These past few years I find that my mobile browsing woes have shifted from mainly being page render issues caused by whole pages not taking mobile in mind to mainly being advertising-related coding errors. Ads that don't recognize I'm on a smaller screen, or autoscroll dog-slow and bog the page down, or won't load fully and obscure the page until I hit an X that doesn't exist.

They've collectively created the consumer will to rid ourselves of their nonsense and now they're going to have to deal with the loss of revenue. I just hope they haven't killed the industry by ruining the passive income stream."

Floobie: "I didn't know this was a thing. I'm really glad it's a thing. Just today, I had the Verge up on mobile Safari, and some video ad tried to load. I closed the browser and locked my phone. When I turned on my phone's screen, the audio "player" controls showed up on top of the normal clock. The source? The stupid video ad that was trying to load on the Verge website.

I use Adblock on my desktop versions of Safari and Chrome. I look forward to doing the same on the mobile end. I'm fine with unobtrusive advertisement, but this kind of stuff and the performance crippling trackers and analytics is obnoxious."

Rnawky: "Been using content blocking every day since the week of WWDC. Converted Easylist into the new Content Blocker JSON format. Works fantastically. Not only do web pages load faster, but my data usage has dropped too.

Things will get even better once apps begin to adopt SFSafariViewController."

Soundefect: "I've been blocking ads for years on my jailbroken iPhones. I always forget how bad it is on some sites. This has been needed for the masses for a long time."


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