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How Twitter ruined 'Game of Thrones': A guide to social media spoiler etiquette

Lisa Schmeiser | June 7, 2013
Haven't yet seen the TV episode everyone's talking about? Here are your best strategies for dodging spoilers on Twitter and Facebook

And the last step is acceptance. Filtering by hashtag or blocking streams only works if other people are playing by the rules—and, as we all know, enforcing any rules online is a sucker's bet. Accept that you will get hit by stray spoilers in any social media space.

"Being on Twitter while major TV dramas are happening carries with it an inherent risk," Reid says. "If it truly matters that much to you to know absolutely nothing about these shows, you should go radio silent for a few hours."

Bring on the second screen
One of the easiest best practices you can pick up: Use hashtags when you're tweeting about television shows or movies. That way, people who want to have a conversation during the event can easily find your quips.

"I am really conscientious about using hashtags when I tweet about TV, and I wish it were possible to enforce 100 percent compliance with my personal standard across the board," Ariano says.

Another thing to consider if you're engaging in the multiple-screens experience of TV-watching while talking about it on Twitter: Don't be so spoiler-avoidant that you're saying nothing at all.

"For social media—especially with Twitter—it's often about the shared viewing experience," Zap2It editorial director Brill Bundy says. "Keeping it vague defeats the purpose."


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