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How to prevent 'zombie accounts' from haunting your digital identity

Tony Bradley | Jan. 25, 2013
Zombies are a pervasive cultural theme these days. We have no shortage of zombie-apocalypse movies and literature, and the United States military and the Center for Disease Control even offer tongue-in-cheek zombie-response plans. But there are other zombies that don't get the attention they deserve--the zombie accounts you have lingering around the Internet.

Kandek learned his lesson after the Stratfor incident. It prompted him to change his behavior and start using a password manager to generate single-use passwords rather than reusing the same password over and over. "I have been very disciplined, and it has proven quite workable and useful. I use LastPass because they support Linux and Chromebooks well and offer two-factor authentication."

Of course, an online service like LastPass is itself a risk, so it's not exactly a silver bullet. There was some concern in 2011 that LastPass may have been breached, but that turned out to be an overreaction to anomalous network traffic.

Nevertheless, be sure to follow these tips and take steps to deactivate or delete unused services and applications, or your zombie accounts will eventually come back to haunt you.


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