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How to make money selling books on the iBookstore, publish you book in Apple's book store

Nik Rawlinson | Jan. 30, 2015
Before you can publish your award winning novel in Apple's iBooks Store, you need to do the following...

However you created your book you now need to fill out the form detailing your author name, book title, publisher (which can be yourself) and so on. The more details you provide, the better you'll perform in search results, and some of them, such as category, are compulsory. If you miss out any that are required, iTunes Producer will throw up a warning so you can go back and fix it.

You'll need to provide Apple with a lot of detail about your book so that it can accurately index it within the store.

It's up to you whether you add any screen grabs showing the interior of your book, but you'll know from your own experience of browsing the iBookstore (and App Store) that grabs really help to sell a product.

Work your way through the three tabs at the top of the iTunes Producer window, specifying a price and making sure that the book you want to submit is attached. Apple can work out the appropriate price to set for your book in various territories based on the one you provide for the UK if you don't want to set each one individually.

If you'd rather not provide individual prices for each territory in which the book is sold, Apple can work out the exchange rates for you.

Check each of the tabs to make sure you have provided all the information you need and then click the Submit button. iTunes Producer will upload your book to the store so that Apple can approve it. Although this used to take the best part of a week, approval usually now takes less than one working day.

Selling books on the iBookstore: Monitoring your sales

Once your book has been approved it will be available for purchase on the store. You can monitor your sales and make changes to the price and description by logging in with the Apple ID associated with your iBookstore account at

Once your book is in the store you can monitor your sales and royalties through iTunes Connect.


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