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How to make money selling books on the iBookstore, publish you book in Apple's book store

Nik Rawlinson | Jan. 30, 2015
Before you can publish your award winning novel in Apple's iBooks Store, you need to do the following...

Selling books on the iBookstore: Selling your books directly

If you'd rather sell your books yourself and keep the full 70% you'll need to set up an account with iTunes Connect, which requires an Apple ID. You may already have one of these for downloading music, but if you're already using it to sell music or other media through Apple you'll need to set up another account, as Apple requires discrete IDs for each media type you want to sell through its stores.

Point your browser here and click Get Started. If you already have an Apple ID that you're not using to sell other media, enter it in the boxes on the following page to enable it for selling books. If not, click the link to create a new ID.

Apple requires that you set up a separate ID for each media type you want to sell.

Selling books on the iBookstore: Paying your dues

It's not possible to sell books without registering with the US tax service. This is a simple process, but requires that you submit to a telephone or form-based interview for enrolment. You can enrol as a person or a company, and you'll be issued with a tax number that you need to enter as part of the iTunes Connect signup process. You must sign up for iTunes Connect using whichever name matches the tax ID, so consider what this should be before completing your tax enrolment.

You can apply for your Tax ID at here or by calling +1 267 941 1099 between 6am and 11pm Eastern Time (11am to 4am GMT). Once you're enrolled you'll receive a paper notification through the post and will need to fill in a simple tax return to submit to the US authorities at the end of each tax year detailing any earnings you've made selling books through Apple.

You'll need to register with the US tax service and obtain an identifier, which Apple will need you to enter before you start selling through the iBookstore.

Selling books on the iBookstore: Uploading your book

When your application has been approved you're ready to upload your book to the store. If you're publishing through iBooks Author you'll already have completed the first step when you clicked Publish on the toolbar, as it will have created a new project in iTunes Producer - the app used to upload it to the store - and attached both your book and the free excerpt.

If you're creating a Multi-touch book, click the Publish button in iBooks Author to compile the full book and a free excerpt.

If you're publishing a re-flowable book created using an alternative application you need to complete the first step manually, so open iTunes Producer and create a new project, then add your exported EPUB file and excerpt.


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