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How to lose friends and alienate people on the social Web

Caitlin McGarry | May 7, 2013
We selected the most annoying social media behaviors that are guaranteed to make your friends hate you.

Misused hashtags

When you integrate multiple social networks, inevitably your posts will cross over and your 10 Instagram hashtags will look strange as a Facebook post. But purposefully hashtagging a Facebook status when you know it has absolutely no meaning is silly. #micdrop

Instagram comics

Teenagers have enough problems, so they deserve some slack. And social media is relatively new to all of us. But teens are now using Instagram (and Tumblr) to post so-called "comic strips" of self-portraits with terrible captions along the lines of:

My mom was like, clean your room!

And I was like, no way!

And she was like, you're grounded!

And I was like, whatever!

...Can't we go back to adding filters to food photos?

Instagrammed food

It's the subject of endless parody, and we've all done it. But few meals are beautiful enough to be captured for posterity. Seriously. Your Taco Tuesday haul is not worth posting.

Inspirational quotes

"Keep calm and carry on," a British wartime slogan that was once inspirational, has officially lost all meaning thanks to social media saturation. In fact, inspirational quotes emblazoned on blurry backgrounds of sunsets and doves are now so trite that you feel anything but calm when they pop up in your news feed.

TMI and drama

No one expects you to present an image of sunshine and roses 100 percent of the time, but when your status updates turn into a digital version of the Ricki Lake Show, it's time to re-evaluate. The whole world doesn't need to know every detail of your cheating spouse's evil ways or how much your life sucks. Maybe save the juicy stories for your close friends, or your therapist.

If you are guilty of any of the above behaviors, congratulations! Your friends have probably hidden you from their feeds and are contemplating deleting you altogether.

But in all seriousness, when you're dashing off that 140-character missive or posting that artfully filtered photo, remember that what seems like an amazing thought or image is probably not amazing to anyone else.


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