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How to generate leads from 4 top social networks

Matt Kapko | Aug. 11, 2014
Most users turn to social media sites for entertainment and information, but for digital marketers social engagements represent a dynamic way to generate leads. Fostering leads, or potential customers, in social media is not as clear-cut or obvious as email, TV or print marketing, but there is enough history and background now to follow and replicate what is already working.

LinkedIn — the Professional Social Network

  • Don't Be Shy, Introduce Yourself: LinkedIn is all about making connections — new and old. Making connections with people you've already met in person is just the beginning. Most people like doing favors for others, so don't hesitate to ask one of those contacts to introduce you to someone they know. Introductions on LinkedIn can be like a snowball effect. The more people you know, the more people want to know and be associated with you.
  • Collect Leads: Similar to other platforms, LinkedIn's ads can be used to generate leads by asking users to share their information and agree to be contacted in the future. The optional feature for LinkedIn's ad product will be displayed on a bar above your landing page once a user clicks on your ad. LinkedIn will notify when a new lead comes in, enabling your business to respond with a personalized message at its discretion.
  • Participate in Group Discussions: There's a group for almost anything on LinkedIn these days, so be sure to seek out those most relevant to your brand. LinkedIn groups give your business an opportunity to provide expert opinions and analysis to users who crave knowledge. Become a go-to source in your field by participating in discussions and forging new relationships.
  • Publish Articles: Elevate the exposure and value of your brand by publishing articles and asking for feedback among your connections. A single article could drive hundreds of comments and potential leads among people who are already interested and invested in your industry.
  • Write Recommendations: Don't just way for someone to recommend you, take the initiative and devote a few minute to write and share recommendations for your customers and most important contacts. Once these recommendations show up on their profile, it will demonstrate the extent to which you and your network collaborate. Recommendations can also go a long way toward ultimately receiving a favor or equally glowing recommendation or referral in return.


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