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How Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp coexist under Facebook

Caitlin McGarry | March 30, 2015
Is it possible that Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp will eventually become a communication monolith, a feature-loaded app that lets you message friends, make restaurant reservations, and pay your rent without ever leaving Facebook?

The same goes for Messenger, which opened its platform to third-party apps on Wednesday to give people options like GIFs and memes without adding a whole mess of features.

"We could've built a lot of those capabilities in Messenger and made it slower and less reliable, and we didn't want that," Marcus said. "We want messaging to be super fast, reliable and dependable, but at the same time want people to have those creative tools. Discovery is in Messenger but the content you share on Messenger isn't created in the app."

And developers aren't too happy about it, but WhatsApp's mission to make its app stable for every mobile platform around the world is keeping the company from releasing an API. There was some groaning in the crowd, but Acton stood his ground.

"We want to be careful about inundating people with messages they don't want," Acton said. "I receive emails from people on a routine basis who want to run their business with WhatsApp as the backbone of communication. We don't want to buzz a person's phone just because we can."


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