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Google+ Pages: 5 things you need to know before signing up

Kristin Burnham | Nov. 9, 2011
After several months of anticipation, Google finally announced Google+ Pages for local businesses, groups, sports, brands, organizations and more.

When you switch between accounts, Google+ does show you a banner notification at the top that reads, You are now using Google+ as this page. Your posts, comments, and notifications will be from this page. And while you do need to click "Ok" to make it disappear, it can be easy to miss.

4. You can't add additional administrators...yet.

One feature that's clearly missing in the launch of Google+ Pages is the ability to add multiple administrators to a company's account. As it stands, only one person can access and post to the Google+ Page through the Google account that created it.

While this certainly isn't ideal, there is an easy workaround. For example, businesses can disseminate the account's username and password to those who require access to it, such as the marketing department or customer service representatives. Clunky, but it works for now.

Allowing multiple administrators access to a Google+ Page seems like it should have been a feature rolled out in its first iteration of Pages. Hopefully, though, Google will include this feature in its next update.

5. Google+ Pages do not allow contests or promotions.

Google's "Terms and Conditions" page says that Google+ Pages are not allowed to run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other promotions directly on the Google+ Page. Instead, Pages can display a link to a separate site where the promotion is hosted, as long as you are in compliance with a number of terms.


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