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Google gets proprietary about Hangouts, asks rivals to share

Ian Paul | May 27, 2013
Google, one of the open source standbys, is getting some grief for locking down Google+ Hangouts. But the search giant points out that Microsoft isn't sharing, either.

Page was complaining about Microsoft's recent rollout of Google Talk integration with, and not reciprocating by allowing, say, Skype integration for Gmail. But as first pointed out by Matt Landis at the Windows PBX blog, Page's comments came just as Google was preparing to do away with the interoperable Talk in favor of the not-so-interoperable Hangouts.

"We announced a new communications product, Hangouts, in May 2013," says the developer page for Google Talk. "Hangouts will replace Google Talk and does not support XMPP."

Google's statement seems pretty definitive that Hangouts will replace XMPP-powered Talk at some point. Talk has already been wiped out on Google+ and Android, and the company is pushing a new Hangouts client for Gmail over Talk. Yet when we previously asked Google whether it will phase out Talk from Gmail, the company said only that it will consider it.

It's not entirely clear what the end of Talk might mean for's recent Google integration. But if Google doesn't allow third-party products to integrate with Hangouts, eventually you probably won't be able to chat with your Google friends inside or on any non-Google application. For now, the Google Talk network will remain online and available; enjoy it while it's here.


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