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Google Chrome's notifications won't support Windows 10's Action Center

Brad Chacos | Aug. 28, 2015
Google has valid reasons for Chrome to not support Action Center, but it's still the latest blow in a longstanding feud with Microsoft.

Well, when you put it that way, delaying support for Action Center sort of makes sense—though it’ll no doubt sit poorly with users already grumpy about the Microsoft/Google pissing match. Refusing to support a central system notification system that every other app uses seems pretty anti-user as well, sure to sow some confusion.

Google does have a point, though: Chrome's notification system is more fully-featured than Windows 10's. It’d be nice if you could conduct actions straight from Windows 10’s pop-up notifications rather than being pulled into the app generating them. Here’s hoping Microsoft adds support for the functionality so Chrome ditches its reluctance to Action Center—or reveals its hesitance as truly being pettiness.


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