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Gmail inbox app is no solution to email overload

James A. Martin | Oct. 29, 2014
It seems like every 10 minutes a new email app arrives in the iTunes or Google Play app stores. They all try to accomplish the same goal -- make it easier to manage email.

2) I don't constantly check email. I go for an hour or two at a time while working without dipping into Gmail. It helps me stay focused. I've honestly never received an email that demanded an instant reply. When on vacation, I check email over my morning mop-bucket latte. That's it. 

3) The best way to organize email, in my opinion, is to prioritize it by sender, as opposed to subject. I want my incoming email prioritized by the people I love, like, enjoy and, of course, the ones who pay me or want to hire me. Countless email programs provide various capabilities to help you prioritize by people, and I've used Gmail filters to this end. I've yet to find an email app or client that truly does a stellar job of it. (In fact, if you know of such an app or desktop software client, please let me know in the comments.)

In the meantime, give Gmail's Inbox a whirl. (It currently requires an invite, but you can request one on the Inbox website.) Just remember: You may be the solution to your email woes, not some app.


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