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Gawker founder Nick Denton believes the 'good internet will rise up again'

Caitlin McGarry | March 13, 2017
The future of the web looks a lot like Reddit, Denton said.

“An honest review of the Samsung Galaxy Note is a dangerous proposition,” Denton said. “There will be no drama, you just won’t see any advertising from Samsung for the next two years. That’ll be the salaries of 10 or 20 journalists that go up in smoke.”

sxsw 2017 nick denton 
Nick Denton sat down with ad exec Jeff Goodby to discuss life after Gawker at South by Southwest on March 12, 2017. Credit: Caitlin McGarry

Fake news, trolls, and harassment proliferate on social networks and across forums. America feels like a nation of people who don’t understand themselves, let alone each other. News organizations struggle to publish quality journalism and make money at the same time. The internet played a huge role in this crisis, but despite it all, Denton thinks the web can be the solution to the problems it created.

“On Google Hangouts chats or iMessage you can exchange quotes, links, stories, media,” he said. “That’s a delightful, engaging media experience. The next phase of media is going to come out of the idea of authentic, chill conversation about things that matter.”

“Even if we’re full of despair over what the internet has become, it’s good to remind yourself when you’re falling down some Wikipedia hole or having a great conversation with somebody online—it’s an amazing thing,“ he added. ”In the habits that we enjoy, there are the seeds for the future. That’s where the good internet will rise up again.”

Perhaps Denton will be around to help build it.


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