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Ex-Apple engineer claims company is failing at Internet

Mark Hattersley | Nov. 28, 2012
Former Apple enginner claims Apple’s Internet problems will be its undoing.

As for Notes requiring an email account to Sync. Technically iCloud takes care of this (although you need to have an account for that, which also doubles up as your email account). You can use Gmail or any other mail account as well. This sensible to us. Does Patrick B. Gibson expect iOS to sync without an account (is iOS supposed to guess who everyone is)? Does he think it'd be better if you couldn't use a separate email account to sync note? Of if Notes used a propriety system?

As for the iTunes and App Stores are powered by WebObjects. Well they work pretty well don't they? Apple's billions of happy customers don't care how old the tech is as long as it works. In fact, we can't remember the iTunes Store itself ever going down. You don't update the underlying technology behind the world's biggest music store just for kicks and giggles. Oh, and iTunes Store has 400 million users - that's not a good choice to highlight a failure.

iMessage is still a very cranky service, admittedly, but definitely improving. Last time we checked a Google Android phone it didn't have a unified messaging service. So Google is only better in the sense that it doesn't try. Still, we long for a day when iMessages works all the time, flawlessly, and is easy enough to set up and explain to our grandparents.

As for Ping fair enough. But see also Google Wave and Google Buzz. Or indeed any one of Google's myriad of failed services. Apple seems happy to integrate FaceBook and Twitter into iOS and stay out of the social media business, which is probably for the best given that the secretive nature of the company doesn't lend itself well to social media.

We're not sold on this. Cloud services are difficult in general, and the more they become fuzed into devices like the iPhone, the more important they become. And the bigger a deal it is when they go down. Reliability becomes a big issue when

Apple, if anything, seems quite ahead of the curve with iCloud, and when Google starts to offer similar services it may find similar issues down the line. And if you think Google is getting better at product design you might want to take a look at a Google TV.


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