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EFF's new Privacy Badger browser add-on closes the prying eyes of online trackers

Ian Paul | May 5, 2014
The EFF is working on a new weapon in the fight against online tracking: Privacy Badger.

For now, Privacy Badger only blocks third-party tracking, not first party. So you can't use the new add-on to stop Facebook or Google from watching you when you're actually on or

Privacy Badger also can't stop so-called browser fingerprinting, but this feature is planned for a future release. Browser fingerprinting is another potential form of tracking that monitors you based on your PC's unique combination of features such as screen size, installed plugins, time zone, operating system, and so on.

Blocking cookies and other forms of online tracking is becoming an issue that users have to take into their own hands. Advertisers have so far been unresponsive to do not track headers, a feature built into some browsers that tells a website to please stop tracking you.

On Wednesday, for example, Yahoo announced it would no longer honor do not track requests citing a lack of industry standards for DNT. Other major sites also ignore DNT requests.

So if asking nicely won't help, privacy conscious users can now install their very own attack badger (alpha) to stop online tracking. Because as the EFF says, "Nothing can stop the Privacy Badger from eating cookies when it's hungry!"


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