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Brands to take great leap forward with Agility Marketing: SingTel

Zafar Anjum | Dec. 12, 2014
SingTel Advertising shares 2015 industry trends

3. Analytics gets even more advanced

In line with 80 per cent of marketers expecting mobile to become the most powerful marketing tool in Singapore by 2015, brands have already adopted unifying data management platforms such as Lotame, which enable data from digital and mobile brand interactions to be analysed as a whole.

According to local marketing professionals, 2015 will see them continue to pursue the holy grail of advertising technology: the ability to store, aggregate and make sense of large data volumes collected from multiple sources in multiple formats. After unifying data from digital and mobile brand interactions, the next step will be the integration of both location-based data collected from 'data-points' across Singapore, as well as return-path data from Pay-TV set-up boxes.

"Imagine a local pub where football fans congregate to watch the Barclays Premier League (BPL) everySaturday evening. Collectively, the fans' mobile phone data would provide insights into the number of people visiting the location during that time, and their profile in terms of age and gender. During half-time, a fan might then navigate online on his mobile phone to purchase a Liverpool jersey. Cross-platform data, collated and automatically coded to ensure anonymity, will then indicate that the BPL programme incites a certain online browsing or purchasing behaviour. As a result, a Liverpool jersey retailer can optimise out-of-home ad placements and location-based mobile ads to target the right audience in the right place and at the right time," explained Mr. Shiner.

4. Everyone needs a Marketing Technologist

Research and consulting firm Gartner predicted that by 2017, a company's Chief Marketing Officer would spend more on technology than its Chief Information Officer. Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most technology-dependent functions in business. Almost all marketing professionals indicated that their organisations are looking to hire a person or vendor who can align marketing technology with business goals, serve as a partner to IT, and also evaluate and select relevant, user-centric advertising technology tools.

"Moving forward, the most effective marketer in a multi-screen era will be the marketing technologists, the individuals with digital marketing DNA and technology acumen. They will be in the perfect position to influence how user-centric advertising strategies can be developed and applied. Many brands, especially those from the FMCG industry, requested 'marketing technologist-type' of strategy counsel from us in 2014. We've responded by hiring a team of data scientists and integrating them with digital advertising experts, ensuring that 'marketing technologist' is not a role confined to one person, but is a mind-set across our company and the entire industry," added Mr. Shiner.




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