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BLOG: Why you should deactivate your Facebook account

Neha Prakash (via Mashable/ SMH) | July 16, 2013
It may be time to log off the social networking site.

If you feel like you don't have the willpower to stay off the site even after deactivating, ask a trustworthy friend to change your password and keep it out of your hands until you're done hitting the books.

8. Privacy
Privacy is always a huge concern for web users. But Facebook's ever altering data policy should be reason enough to consider logging off.

Features such as graph search render all your likes and dislikes available to anyone who can navigate a search bar. Marketers have access to significant details of your life, as well, which should make you at least slightly uncomfortable. And while you can delete pictures or statuses, nothing ever dies on the internet. Just ask US news anchor Katie Couric, whose party pictures were downloaded and used against her, or the girl whose Facebook status about President Obama lead to a federal investigation.

Without Facebook, your pictures, thoughts, work and ideas remain your own, inaccessible by potentially harmful intentions.


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