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BLOG: Why you should deactivate your Facebook account

Neha Prakash (via Mashable/ SMH) | July 16, 2013
It may be time to log off the social networking site.

Other studies have proven that younger Facebook users are even open to increased narcissism, aggressive behaviour and sleeping problems.

3. The job hunt
The job search may be the most contested reason for deactivating your Facebook account. Though studies have shown90 per centof job recruiters will use a candidate's profile as part of the screening process, those same studies indicate 69 per cent of those recruiters have rejected a candidate based on the content they saw.

Other studies have shown that employers may believe a person not on Facebook is a psychopath, although that's one of the most extreme conclusions.

While you might not think your profile is in the realm of scandalous, you never know which small no-nos might trigger a company's reconsideration. You can always let your potential employer know that you had a Facebook, but deactivated it to spend more time in the real world than the online. That sentiment alone could communicate that you aren't a Facebook addict, that you will ultimately be more productive at work.

4. Applying to university
Much like applying to jobs, similar rules apply for university applications. You don't want your high school mistakes to shape the rest of your educational opportunities.

As a bonus, you'll notice the application process goes by a lot faster without a Facebook interruption every five minutes.

5. The breakup
If you're going through a breakup, do us all a favour and get off Facebook. No one wants to read your Taylor Swift-fuelled, bitter statuses claiming to be "over it". Clearly you're not. And trust us, no one is believing your post-breakup albums of "girls night awesomeness" either, so instead of looking pitiful, opt for mature.

Then after the messy breakup is over, you'll be able to forget your ex that much faster - without stalking him or her. They don't say "ignorance is bliss" for no reason.

6. Facebook envy
No surprise here, but Facebook breeds jealousy, a new studyshows. Most people use the social network to post celebratory moments - forget the bad stuff. Reading a continuous stream of other people's happy moments can almost directly correlate to feeling negative about yourself, as well as comparing your accomplishments to others.

Furthermore, Facebook envy also bolsters gossip and online bullying, which can only make those involved feel worse. Deactivate and feel less pressure about creating a life of online coolness.

7. Exam time
Procrastination is in a student's blood. Whether it's studying for a test or the HSC, a biology quiz or the bar, any student can become easily distracted by Facebook, potentially leading to lower test scores.

Deactivating your account during exam time makes it that much harder to refresh your news feed, aka slack and lose focus - since it will seem like the majority of the world is out enjoying themselves (even though they're probably procrastinating, too).


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