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BLOG: Forgot your password?

Henry Cooke | July 16, 2013
Passwords are all powerful in the digital age - but how do you remember them all?

Passwords aren't quite omnipresent. Fingerprint scanners are on plenty of laptops these days, though I rarely see them used. Android has those cool patterns you draw which look impressively sci-fi. Voice technology continues apace. On top of this, more and more websites let you log in with Facebook or Twitter instead of actually creating an account, cutting down on the need for so many passwords.

Perhaps in decades to come our grandchildren will laugh at how arcane this process was, at how we tried to train our minds to remember meaningless strings that proved who we were to computers. Then again, perhaps passwords will remain in power: you can always cut someone's fingers off.

Do you have a few passwords that you use for everything, or are you vigilant in differing passwords for different sites? Do you write them down anywhere? What is your mother's maiden name?


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