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Beats Music plays for now, but expect a rebrand sooner, not later

Gregg Keizer | Sept. 25, 2014
Apple won't ditch Beats Music, but it will certainly remake it, rebrand it, an analyst said today.

Beats Music, on the other hand, has been compared to Spotify: Both offer millions of tracks, cost $10 monthly and let customers play what they want when they want.

But even with a Beats rebranding, or maybe because of it, don't two services, perhaps both flagged as "iTunes" in some way, invite customer confusion? Dawson didn't think so.

"Radio is clearly not listening to whatever you want to listen to, so that value proposition is pretty clear. I'd expect the new brand for the Beats replacement to be equally clear," Dawson said before offering up "iTunes Unlimited" as a potential nameplate.

Apple, as always, has been mum on plans for Beats Music, other than comments in May when it said the service would coexist alongside iTunes but without promising that that would be permanent. But guessing Apple's moves is a popular pastime, more than that, an industry in an of itself, and Dawson wasn't afraid to weigh in.

In his Monday analysis, Dawson offered up next month, when Apple will presumably host another product introduction press conference to reveal new iPads and launch OS X Yosemite. "It might make a good 'one more thing' at Apple's October event, if that happens," Dawson said.

Via email, Dawson argued that Apple should rebrand Beats Music soon. "I think Apple needs to do something sooner rather than later as the tide has really turned on iTunes music revenues," he said in the email. "[Revenues] are already in decline, and it's almost all down to streaming and subscription services, so it needs to get into that game directly as soon as possible and start promoting it heavily. I'd be really surprised if we didn't see something by the end of the year."


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