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Bang With Friends raises $1 million to help people 'bang' their Facebook friends

Evan Dashevsky | May 2, 2013
App that measures lust levels in those in your social circles has just raised six figures in seed money.

Sometimes I wonder if there may be too much venture capitalist money out there. Business Insider is reporting that the popular three-month-old Web app Bang With Friends (BWF) has raised $1 million in seed money to further spread its unique brand of carefree social media-fueled debauchery.

The website hooks into the Facebook API and allows users to mark who among their friends they are "down to bang." If one of your friends finds you also fool-around-withable, then BWF will notify both parties of their shared interest.

I'm sure my wife is thrilled that I played around with the service for this piece, but it works just like it promises by presenting all your friends' FB profile photos with a button underneath that asks "down to bang."

The system doesn't seem to care about age, relationship status (including mine), sexual orientation, or even gender (although you can separate by male or female with a button in the corner).

According to an interview with BI, the service boasts 820,000 users and resulted in 200,000 pairings.

The libertine-minded BWF follows in the footsteps of apps like Grindr, which allows its overwhelmingly gay male user base to find nearby interested hook-ups.

Similarly, the iOS app Tinder has allowed heterosexual users to search through nearby singles (and pick out the ones that appeal to them based on nothing more than appearance), then alert users about the  shared shallow attraction and give them the opportunity to contact one another. The Tinder app reportedly is being downloaded between 10,000 and 20,000 times a day.

One of social media's great innovations was its utility in helping people navigate the dating scene, so it's not surprising that these types of communities have flourished. Sex has long been one of the great drivers of human activity, and it appears it will only continue to help shape our digital lives going forward.


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