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Apple Safari catches up with rivals on Flash security

Antone Gonsalves | Oct. 28, 2013
While not a security cure-all, Apple's decision to finally place the Adobe Flash Player within its own sandbox in Safari will make one of hackers' favorite targets harder to exploit, experts say.

"What remains to be seen is how strong the sandbox policy for Flash truly is," Max Vohra, security engineer for Security Innovation, said. "Like any mandatory access control framework, it's still possible to allow access to the wrong file or program."

A more secure Flash Player in Safari is not expected to have any impact on corporate use of the browser. Most companies use Internet Explorer, which comes with Microsoft Windows. The latter dominates the business market for operating systems.

"It's an important step, though I dont think it changes the browser landscape all that much, and certainly not for enterprise standards," Randy Heffner, analyst for Forrester Research, said.


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