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Apple moves its iAd platform to self-service model

Matt Kapko | Jan. 18, 2016
Apple is giving up on many of the unique iAd features that distinguished the mobile advertising platform, and the move could have significant impact on the ways publishers and advertisers reach consumers via iOS devices.

For iAd, less is more

The next iteration of iAd might not have much of an effect on the advertising market, but it could benefit the publishers who will get direct access to the iAd platform. Apple is probably "looking into the future and seeing that display advertising on mobile platforms is losing favor as video and native advertising rise to prominence on mobile device," Lieb says. Other software and hardware companies, such as Microsoft, also recently moved out of the ad business, she says. 

"Digital behemoths — the Apples, Facebooks, Googles and Microsofts of the world — are all dipping into one another's core competencies, be they search, social networks, ad sales, media platforms, etc., with varying degrees of success," Lieb says. "Generally, the further they stray from their core competencies, the more such endeavors are doomed to fail."


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