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9 fantastic Facebook tips for Android and iOS users

Ben Patterson | July 24, 2015
The trusty Facebook app on your Android phone or iPhone has some nifty--and powerful--features up its sleeves.

Save photos to your phone

A Facebook friend or loved one just posted baby photos, a stunning sunset, or any other image you wish you could keep forever, you can.

Tap the photo you want to save, then tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of the screen and select Save photo. The image will be downloaded to your handset's photo album.

Bonus tip: If you spot an offensive, stomach-churning or otherwise objectionable image in your news feed, you can register your displeasure by tapping the photo, tapping the three-dot menu and then selecting I don't like this photo.

Switch to "most recent" posts

By default, the posts in your news feed are arranged according to Facebook's best guess of what you'll find the most interesting.

If you'd rather just see your friends' most recent posts, here's the trick: Tap the More button, scroll down and tap Most Recent.

Edit one of your posts

Unlike in life, there are do-overs when it comes to your Facebook posts.

Once again, tap the little downward arrow in the top-right corner of one of the posts, tap Edit Post, then make your changes.

Keep in mind that if you do edit a post, your friends will be able to view your edits by clicking the "Edited" link near the post's timestamp.

See everything that you've ever liked, commented on or posted

Take a stroll down memory lane--or at least, your Facebook memory lane--by perusing all your old posts, "likes" and comments, starting from the very day you joined Facebook.

Just tap the More button in the corner of the screen (top left for Android, bottom left for iOS), scroll down to the Settings section and tap Activity Log.

From here, you can view everything you've ever posted and everything you've ever liked or commented on. You can even undo a "like" or delete a comment by tapping the little downward arrow next to a log entry.

Note: If you joined Facebook way back when and try to check Activity Log entries further back than, say, 2007 or so, the Facebook app may freeze--or at least, it did for me, both on Android and iOS. Quitting and relaunching the app usually fixes the bug.

Close another "active" Facebook

Say you've left your Facebook feed up and running on your unlocked work PC (assuming your office lets you browse Facebook in the first place), here's a handy solution: closing down that particular Facebook session from your phone.

Tap the menu button in the Facebook mobile app, scroll down and tap Account Settings, then tap Security > Active Sessions.

Find the Facebook session you want to close (you can usually identify it by the Last Accessed and Device Type labels) and tap the "x" button for that item.


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