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7 browser tricks to get the most out of your Chromecast

Jared Newman | Aug. 5, 2013
For $35, you might not expect much from Google's Chromecast. As it turns out, this little TV dongle can do a whole lot more than just stream video from Netflix and YouTube, or view browser tabs on the big screen.

7. Use the TeamViewer app as a makeshift remote
The nice thing about Chromecast is that it lets you use your phone or tablet as a remote control, but right now the number of apps you can control is limited. If you have a laptop or desktop on your local network, you can use the free TeamViewer app to launch a video from Chrome on your PC and cast it to Chromecast.

TeamViewer acts as a remote control for your PC, so once the video is up and running, you can exit the app and keep doing other things on your phone or tablet. It's not the prettiest method, but it works if you want to cast, say, Hulu or Spotify's Web player to your big screen and would rather not lug your laptop into the living room. Just make sure to turn your PC's audio off before you start casting.

Bonus! Help yourself to Chromecast's gorgeous wallpapers
When Chromecast is on but not casting anything, it treats you to some lovely wallpapers, along with some text letting you know that it's ready to cast. It turns out those wallpapers are just sitting on a Google webpage. One member of the XDA-Developers forums grabbed them all and threw them into a ZIP file for your viewing pleasure.

Eventually Chromecast should get more apps and eliminate the need for all these workarounds. Until then, making the most out of Google's Cast extension should help plug some of the gaps.


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