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5 Twitter clients for Linux

Himanshu Arora | May 12, 2014
Linux users who want to avoid browser-based Twitter apps can try out these five local clients -- including one that still uses a command-line interface.

Other considerations

At present, Birdie has several limitations — although none of them are showstoppers. For example, the tweet compose box does not include an option to change accounts, and it pops up as a separate window. Imgur is the only image uploading service supported. There is no built-in URL shortener or auto spell checker. Also, the client isn't very configurable — for example, it doesn't provide options to choose a custom browser or configure the update frequency interval.

Bottom line

The application has a smooth user interface but lacks advanced features and customization options, especially when compared to clients like Choqok. The fact that it has become popular despite being so new is impressive, but the reality is that in its current form, the client is average at best.


Choqok is a free/open source client that supports Twitter, StatusNet and It derives its name from an ancient Persian word that means sparrow. Developed by Mehrdad Momeny and Andrey Esin, the software is licensed under GPLv3.

Choqok is built using Qt libraries, and hence integrates seamlessly with the K Desktop Environment (KDE). You can download the client directly from its official website. While Arch Linux, Kubuntu and Gentoo Linux users can directly download the binary packages, others can download the source code and compile accordingly.

If you are building Choqok from source code, make sure you have CMake 2.6, the KDE 4 library development packages, GNU gettext, the QJson library and the QOAuth library (version1.0.1 or later).

What's new

Release 1.4 supports Twitter API v1.1, and has new icons and splash screen. A "Mark timeline as read" menu item has been added to the tabs context menu, and support has been removed from StatusNet plugin. The new release also fixes some problems, including issues related to font size and URLs coming from the Konqueror Web browser.

What's good about it

Choqok's interface is the first thing that grabs your attention. By default, the main window contains four tabs: Home, Mentions, Inbox and Outbox. The tabs are represented by easily identifiable icons and are so close to each other that you can quickly switch among them.

Choqok's main window contains four tabs — Home, Mentions, Inbox and Outbox — represented on the left by easily identifiable icons.

Choqok supports multiple accounts, auto spell check, custom browser (in other words, choosing a specific browser for opening links) and various image uploading services. Icons that let you retweet, reply and mark a tweet as a favorite appear as you hover the mouse pointer over profile images. The client lets you add a custom prefix for retweets, and also lets you customize its color scheme, including the default color, the color of an unread post and the color of your own posts.


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