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5 great Android app alternatives to Gmail

Derek Walter | March 4, 2016
Gmail is great, but there are several other solid alternatives for consolidating all your email accounts into one app.


If you want something that’s a little outside the box for managing several accounts, then CloudMagic may be an option to explore. It has the usual swipe-to-archive moves, but the signature feature is integration with popular cloud services like Evernote, OneNote, Todoist, Pocket, and others. 

These integrations are available in the form of cards, which you touch inside of a message to send the content to your preferred service. 

Another advantage of CloudMagic is there’s a dedicated Mac app so you can have a consistent experience on the desktop (only if you’re using OS X, of course). It’ll cost you $20 if you want to grab it from the Mac App Store.


Nine is much like Outlook in look and feel, but it offers a few more customization options. It also smartly integrates with your fingerprint lock, so your email will be doubly secure.

Nine is specifically built for Exchange, so unfortunately you can’t use it for Gmail or other accounts. But the app excels at allowing you to tweak how it looks, with a dark theme and different color choices for the background. You’re also able to swipe messages to schedule them for later, archive, or delete. The app also does a good job with calendar and task sync, which meant that calendar invites were always up to date on my phone.


One advantage of Blue Mail is that it handles pretty much any service under the sun: Microsoft Exchange, Gmail,, iCloud, AOL, iCloud, IMAP, and even POP3. 

If you like some of the look and feel of Gmail’s Inbox but want to use it with a non-Google account then this may be the best choice as the general concept is similar with the ability to swipe messages away.

BlueMail also offers very detailed mail management in that you can set how often certain folders sync, configure quick replies, and take full control over what appears in each swipe menu. If you really want to bend your email app to your will, BlueMail has a lot that you’ll probably like.

These options make it clear that Android isn’t just Gmail Central: Microsoft and other developers have taken advantage of Android’s feature set to create some great productivity aides. Email isn’t going away anytime soon, so pick the app you like the best so you can tame this most necessary of evils.


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