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4 annoying things Instagram needs to fix (now)

Lauren Brousell | Aug. 10, 2015
Avid Instagram users love the photo-based, social-sharing site for its cool filters and image-editing tools. However, some odd features and a lack of important functionality degrade the overall experience and limit creativity. Here are four simple things Instagram could do to vastly improve its social network.

3) Instagram makes you post square pictures

Instagram pictures are purposefully square, so when you scroll on a smartphone or tablet, pictures aren't truncated and captions aren't cut. However, that means you can't post panoramic pictures or photos that are long, or thin, without chopping key elements of the images. It would be nice to be able to post a larger photo, without cropping or using the Instasize app to force it into a square shape. Simply put: Some photos are not meant to be square.

4) No place for links, except the profile page

The phrase "link in profile" is commonly used on Instagram today, because you can't include URLs along with photo posts. To circumvent this limitation, many users frequently update the URLs on their profile pages. Instagram recently rolled out a new button below advertisers' photos, next to the Like button, that lets viewers shop for related products, download apps or learn more. But for regular users, there's nothing comparable.

One way around the problem is to use services with affiliate links, such as LikeToKnow.It, which send users who Like specific posts an email with related links. But this method is far from perfect, and it requires several steps. Instagram really ought to do its users a favor and let them post links with photos.


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