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3 out of 4 Internet users in Singapore concerned about social network privacy

Zafirah Salim | Sept. 18, 2014
Trend Micro has launched an all-in-one consumer solution, called Trend Micro Maximum Security Cloud Edition, to help resolve both security and privacy issues that continue to plague Internet users.

More than half of respondents (almost 66 percent) in Singapore are not protected on their mobile devices and personal computers.

In addition, 76 percent of Internet users in Singapore are concerned about sharing private information on social networking sites; and as many as 69 percent deleted or hid timeline posts they had shared previously.

These are part of the findings of a recent online survey conducted by security software developer Trend Micro Incorporated, which polled close to 750 respondents in Singapore.

Overall, the results of the poll revealed that Internet users in Singapore are adopting risky online behaviour, which encourages new attack opportunities for cyber criminals. For instance, 60 percent of respondents only change their passwords when needed, 32 percent of mobile users allow mobile apps to access their social media profiles, and 77 percent of surveyed parents do not use parental control settings.

Furthermore, 20 percent of respondents believe they have downloaded malicious apps, and 51 percent do not even know if they have encountered such apps.

Maximum security, minimal worry

In a bid to protect consumers from the perils of Internet across multiple devices, Trend Micro has launched a security solution that aims to offer protection from cyber threats for PC, Mac, Android as well as iOS platforms.

Called the Trend Micro Maximum Security Cloud Edition, this platform is an all-in-one consumer solution that helps resolve both security and privacy issues that continue to plague Internet users.

According to its media statement, this new solution helps protect Internet users from potentially harmful activities online. It provides anti-virus and Web-threat protection that identifies and blocks dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging. It also detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick users into revealing private personal information.

Additionally, Trend Micro learned that almost half of surveyed respondents (48 percent) let their browser save their passwords online, a dangerous practice susceptible to being hacked, especially in the wake of online data breaches.

To help fight password and identity theft, Trend Micro Maximum Security Cloud Edition includes a password manager which encrypts all online passwords, enabling customers to easily log into websites without the fear of password theft. The password manager also works across multiple devices and provides a password generator to stop the common practice of using the same password for multiple accounts.

In an effort to provide online privacy and security of Internet users, Trend Micro Maximum Security Cloud Edition has expanded its social network Privacy Scanner to scan LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Users can now rely on Trend Micro's technology to help maintain privacy, security and positive online reputations.

"Consumers today are very reliant on their devices, with an average individual owning around five digital devices each. Yet, they often forget that having more devices also increases their exposure to cyber attacks. With only two in three respondents in Singapore using security or antivirus apps or software on their mobile devices and personal computers, we are concerned about the safety of their digital lives," said Terrence Tang, Senior Director of Consumer Business, Asia Pacific, Trend Micro.


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