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14 email marketing mistakes to avoid

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | Dec. 15, 2016
Email marketers and small business owners share their tips on how to decrease the likelihood of your emails being immediately deleted by prospective and existing customers.

Mistake No.6: Having too much text.

“These days, an email is only open for a matter of seconds, leaving your subscribers enough time to scan [it] for visually enticing photos and read about 50 words (max),” says Chiara McPhee, founder & COO, Bizzy. “This means you have only moments to catch your reader's attention. If you fail to convince your audience to take action and buy your product during this time, your conversion rates will not increase substantially.”

To help ensure your message is read, “shorten your text to make your message more concise and include amazing photography to entice your reader,” she suggests. “It’s important to make a lasting impression once you’ve gained that initial email-opening click. But remember, you only have 20 seconds to make that impression and create a subscriber into a customer.”

Mistake No. 7: Looking unprofessional.

“Nothing looks more unprofessional than getting a bcc email that clearly went out to a business owner's entire address book,” says John-Henry Scherck, growth marketing manager, DocSend. “Use an actual email marketing platform, like MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact or the dozens of other options on the market. These platforms are specifically tailored for email marketing and can provide business owners with helpful features like pre-designed templates, scheduling, tracking and analytics that regular email just doesn't offer.”

Mistake No. 8: Not having a call-to-action button.

“The point of an email, after all, is to get the user to go somewhere else, be it opening a product page, scheduling a time to speak or booking an appointment,” says Resnick. “Whether your email is quick and to the point or a bit more descriptive and lengthy, a call-to-action button will stand out and allow the reader to easily navigate to what’s important to them (and you) without reading every single word.”

Mistake No. 9: Not proofreading/double checking links.

“There is nothing worse than sending out a newsletter and seeing that the subject line has a grammatical [or spelling] error, or finding out that you [included] the wrong hyperlink,” says Danny Garcia, marketing operations manager, Stacklist. So before hitting ‘send,’ “double check [your] newsletter or, [better yet,] have someone else look it over for you.”

Mistake No. 10: Sending email too frequently/infrequently.

“Most businesses make the mistake of sending too much email to consumers,” says Matthew Bretzius, president, FischTank PR. But the opposite – sending email too infrequently – is also a mistake. “Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools available, but you’ve got to find the right rhythm. Sending out multiple emails a day is likely too much, whereas sending one out a month might not be enough,” he notes. “Keep an eye on your open and click rates, as well as your unsubscribes. This will help you determine the [right] frequency.”


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