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10 ways to fix Google+

Mike Elgan | May 5, 2015
Here are 10 ways Google could radically crank up the engagement on Google+.

It's not too late.

The solution is to build one-person Hangouts on Air into the mobile versions of Google+ and Hangouts, and make it a one-tap stream.

9. Enable always-on translation

Google is a truly international social network, where you engage with people all over the world.

Trouble is, most users don't appreciate this fact. They see a foreign language, and they ignore it.

Google does have a one-click translation feature. But people don't click on things.

If everyone could automatically see foreign-language posts and comments translated into their own language, they would reply and engage with that content and increase engagement overall on G+.

The solution is to make translation automatic.

10. Offer an API for third-party apps

Finally, Twitter keeps turning off or limiting API access to third-party apps then wonders why it's losing its most passionate users. Facebook never allowed it.

Google could give people what they want with a kick-ass API that could spark a hundred new ways to engage with people on Google+.

In fact, much of what I suggest above could be implemented by other companies if they had the right kind of API access.

No, Google+ is not a ghost town. And it's not dying. It's got the most passionate user community of any social network I've ever seen. I personally think it's the best social site ever created, and I love it. Many other people do too.

The problem is that users are being held back, silenced, stymied and confounded by needless policies and processes on Google+.

It's not about Google increasing engagement on Google+. It just needs to get out of the way and let it happen.


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