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Veeam's push into Malaysia and Asia chalks up 45% YoY growth: interview

AvantiKumar | March 16, 2015
The Russian virtualisation and cloud software company Veeam's modern data protection solutions are disrupting local markets.

Alec King - Veeam Software 

Photo - Alec King, Vice President, Product Management, Veeam Software.


During this year's round of Chinese New Year luncheons in Malaysia, I met two top Veeam Software executives visiting from Russia and Singapore, who said the virtualisation and cloud software company's expansion into Asia has helped to achieve 45 percent YoY global growth in the past financial year.

Founded in 2006 by Russian entrepreneur Ratmir Timashev, and headquartered in Switzerland, Veeam Software now has more than 29,000 ProPartners and 135,000 customers worldwide. In Malaysia since July 2013, Veeam has served various organisations from small and medium businesses (SMBs) to multinational corporations through its Malaysian distributor Jardine One Solution. The company is now planning further expansion in the coming year.

Among the virtualisation and cloud software company's 2015 expectations for Asia, Raymond Goh, Veeam's Singapore-based senior technology adviser, also singled out the following five key points:

- The Always-On Business will become a worldwide norm
"In 2015 the demand for immediacy will accelerate. Immediacy will be pivotal across many levels-users will continue to demand unfettered access to applications and data 24/7 from wherever they may reside, but this demand will accelerate as device innovation progresses and the roll-out and proliferation of higher speed networks (4G, LTE, 5G and so on) continues," said Goh.

- Data explosion will continue to accelerate
Goh said: "Data volumes will continue to explode over the next few years (some commentators think it will be as much as 400 zettabytes by 2018). This data explosion is characterised by the Internet of Things, with analysts predicting that by 2020 there will be 26 billion connected devices generating and consuming data. Regardless of where data is generated, businesses are investing heavily in data storage, analysis and retrieval. Organizations will make new investments and leverage existing modern data centres in an attempt to manage their exploding data footprint during 2015, and I see this trend gathering momentum. Having a strategy for data classification will be vital over the next 12 to 24 months."

- Cloud platforms and its exponential growth
"2015 will be the year when cloud continues to grow, with disaster recovery in the cloud moving from early adopters to early majority, but overall, cloud will begin to coalesce," he said.

- Endpoint protection and management
"While the endpoint protection industry is growing at a steady pace-CAGR of five percent through 2018-little attention is paid to securing the lifeblood of many businesses; namely, the hardware devices that sit in the hands of users," said Goh. "Next year I predict that this will change. IT will wake up to the fact that after years of investing in protecting the data centre, attention needs to swing to endpoint protection."

- The 'Internet of Things' becomes a reality
"Service reliability and availability will be paramount," said Goh. "Users will expect always-on services and IT will be under scrutiny to deliver. Failure to do so will cost businesses dearly. With cost of downtime already into six figures per hour, downtime in the IoT era could be far costlier. 2015 will be the year where we'll see IT step up to the plate and embrace availability, or it will be the year where we'll see businesses fall on their swords. Only time will tell."

Computerworld Malaysia followed up with some quick questions to go a little deeper into the company's immediate plans in the region.  Responses from both Russia-based Alec King (pic above), vice president, product management, and Goh have been merged in the QA format below.


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