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Start-ups offer cool tools to ease IT's pain

Sandra Gittlen | Feb. 16, 2011
If you want to know what IT tools and technologies you'll be using in a few years, it pays to keep an eye on enterprise technology start-ups.

The virtual database regularly syncs with the production database; only changed data is sent to the virtual database, reducing the infrastructure workload.

Overall, Delphix aims to consolidate data center resources and speed application testing, development, deployment, management and upgrade cycles.

In addition, Delphix's secure self-service portal lets IT set policies and allot storage so users can fulfill their own requests. For instance, if a developer needs a copy of the company's ERP database, he can provision it himself. This guarantees fast access to the freshest data, and when his project is complete, the virtual database can be deleted and the resources re-absorbed.

Rau says perhaps most importantly, Delphix Server ensures data accuracy and reduces production environment risk as users can create and recover the virtual databases from any point in time. Using "true" replicas of the databases increases the overall quality and stability of the application in production.

"Since creating virtual databases requires no additional storage capacity and is fully automated through Delphix Server, developers can spin up virtual databases on the fly and create significantly more database environments with little to no additional infrastructure investment," he says.

GUI's Gibbs says the ability to virtualize databases is valuable for IT organizations. "For a large database like Oracle, being able to just click and spin up another version reduces the drag on IT and would let developers get on with their jobs quickly," he says.

Cloud-based enterprise testing environments: CloudShare

A major frustration that IT teams face is submitting requests for proposals and clearing their schedules as vendor after vendor comes on-site to engineer a proof of concept. CloudShare aims to eliminate that hassle.

Instead of building on-premises proofs of concept, technology vendors using SaaS-based CloudShare Enterprise, such as Cisco, can provide IT teams with a URL where they can collaborate to build proofs of concept in the cloud. Using detailed specs from IT teams about their environment, vendors can create a working model of their product.

"CloudShare enables on-premise systems to become SaaS," says co-founder and Vice President of Products Ophir Kra-Oz. "We replicate and clone hands-on copies of the environment and take it to the cloud."

Then, IT and vendors can test-drive and tweak the product together without having to disrupt the corporate network. CloudShare supports heterogenous and complex networked environments, and the user companies' own data and local on-premises systems can be integrated with the cloud environment, Kra-Oz says. "Customers can do everything they could using [CloudShare] as if the software were on-premises."


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