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Start-ups offer cool tools to ease IT's pain

Sandra Gittlen | Feb. 16, 2011
If you want to know what IT tools and technologies you'll be using in a few years, it pays to keep an eye on enterprise technology start-ups.

Other options include remotely activating the phone's camera so the user can see the phone's location or take a picture of the thief, sending an SMS message to the phone announcing a reward for its safe return, and accessing the phone's history, including numbers dialed and data sent.

Track and Protect enables remote lockdown of the device based on personal preferences, such as three failed password attempts. IT or a user can remotely wipe a compromised phone, and the service can automatically grab and back up stored data from the phone before it is wiped.

Harmsen says Track and Protect is different from its competitors in that it uses an encrypted SMS transport layer to carry out all these functions. Regardless of the device's platform, Track and Protect can interact with the phone, even if it's been turned off, the SIM card has been removed or the battery is low.

Track and Protect is available in 190 countries, including the U.S. The company is targeting countries where phone theft is prevalent, such as Russia, Brazil, China and Indonesia. "Say you were traveling abroad and lost your phone. You could go to an Internet cafe, log into your Track and Protect Web page, and locate it or secure the data," Harmsen says.

"Hosted mobile device management may offer an advantage when the hosted service can be accessed from the same public networks as these mobile devices," says EMA's Crawford. "This potentially improves the ability to reach and manage these devices wherever found."

Database virtualization: Delphix

One task that can consume a lot of IT's time, not to mention data center infrastructure, is database cloning. Test and development, data warehouse, and support teams, among others, request copies of production databases on a regular basis. Each time, IT must provision server and storage resources to house all these database copies.

At a glance

Company: Delphix

Enterprise product: Delphix Server

Pricing: Starts at $2,000 a month for an annual subscription.

Funded by: Greylock Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Adding to the problem, the data becomes stale almost as soon as it is duplicated, and it can be difficult for IT to track the different versions in existence to delete them and re-absorb the underlying resources.

Start-up Delphix has developed Delphix Server to virtualize databases. Essentially, the software creates full read/write clones of Oracle (ORCL) 10 and 11 production databases. These clones are automatically generated from abstracted snapshots and log files, and they require a tenth of the storage space compared to physical databases, according to Karthik Rau, vice president of products and marketing.


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