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SolarWinds solves storage IO problems

Anuradha Shukla | Dec. 2, 2011
Launches a free tool to monitor total storage response time in VMware vSphere deployments.

SolarWinds is helping to target storage input/output (IO) problems caused by server virtualisation in real time with SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor.

The new virtualisation and storage free tool connects to VMware vSphere and monitors the top five hosts to datastore total storage response times.

Users thus have access to the top five virtual machines (VM) using the connections from an IO, or IOP (input/output process) perspective.

SolarWinds, which provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide, is offering the new tool on its website.

"If a user is experiencing a slow response time on a virtual machine (VM), SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor can quickly and easily give a snapshot report into how VMware datastores are performing direct from the user's desktop in real time," said Jonathan Reeve, SolarWinds' senior director of product management. "Using this data, the user can then determine whether there is a VM issue or if the issue is related to storage."

Get at-a-glance insight

SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor gives users at-a-glance insight into host to datastore connections with the worst response times, and the busiest VMs using those connections.

With this tool, users can see a breakdown of the datastore including type, and device versus kernel latency. This helps them to understand if the bottleneck is in the host or the SAN.

The company also offers SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler and SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. The former helps users to quickly and easily monitor storage performance, isolate hotspots, automate storage capacity planning, map VMs to physical storage, and more.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager gives users a comprehensive and historical view of all datastores.

A combination of SolarWinds Storage Manager and SolarWinds Virtualization Manager provides visibility from the virtualisation layer all the way to the underlying physical storage.


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