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Pneuron, an outstanding enterprise data infrastructure solution

Mark Gibbs | May 3, 2013
Imagine creating a system that could make any subset of any significant data resource in your organization available where it's needed without incurring insane implementation and maintenance costs ... sounds too good to be true?

The Pneurons do their work gathering and massaging data and pass that to the Cortex server to be routed to another Pneuron running on the same or a different Cortex server. Data transfers between Pneurons is in an encrypted "universal" self-describing format based on XML.

To create a solution using Pneuron you'd deploy Cortex servers according to local control needs. For example, if French HR data was being used, a Cortex server would be needed in the French office configured so that the non-sharable HR data would not be available. Once the servers are installed and configured then, using the Pneuron Design Studio, you'd configure which Pneurons would run where and do what tasks.

Pneuron is a very serious, enterprise-scale solution for distributed managed data access and manipulation that is quite unlike anything else I've seen. The company is well-funded (it just got $6 million series B financing from Safeguard Scientific) and it has a slew of case studies that articulate the kinds of problems it can address. This is definitely one of the most intriguing enterprise products I've come across in a long time.


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