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KVH partners StarHub to offer DCNet in Singapore

Zafirah Salim | Dec. 2, 2014
In this interview, Anthony Ho, Director of Product Management at KVH shares more about what DCNet can offer to businesses, as well as its impact on Singapore’s data centre industry.

Tokyo-based information delivery platform provider KVH Co. Ltd announced on Wednesday (Nov 26) that it has partnered with local telecommunication company StarHub to offer KVH DCNet in Singapore.

According to KVH, DCNet is a pre-wired elastic data centre to data centre Ethernet interconnection solution that will link over 100 data centres across Asia, providing customers with a greater choice in where they collocate and with whom they connect.

It added that DCNet serves as a replacement of more expensive point to point networks and is designed to meet an enterprise's connectivity needs for business continuity planning, diversification of data centre sites, and expansion of data centre usage.

DCNet is also attractive to service providers and cloud providers that require connectivity to multiple data centre sites with broad geographic coverage and want to avoid the complexity of negotiating and managing many individual network contracts.

Benefiting businesses with 3S - speed, simplicity and scalability

When asked what makes this service different from other existing services in the market, Anthony Ho, Director of Product Management at KVH, said that DCNet offers 100Mbps to 10Gbps bandwidth with both fixed and burstable options.

He explained that the burstable service allows customers to dynamically burst their bandwidth up to the port speed to cater to traffic fluctuations between the sites. For those that only need a connection for a short period of time or have great fluctuations in their traffic, this option makes a lot of sense and will be more economical than procuring a fixed bandwidth connection.

Secondly, what makes DCNet unique is its speed. Since the connections are all prewired and controlled by KVH's SDN technology, connections between sites are provisioned in days versus the industry standard of six weeks. This makes DCNet much faster than other traditional dedicated connections.

Another novel element of DCNet is that it connects to data centres from many different providers, which is considered a first in the market. This means that users need not feel tied to any one particular data center provider, and can now procure inexpensive and robust connectivity among many different facilities all under one common contract.

"Today, many enterprise businesses are faced with unpredictable network costs, constraints on scalability of their network connections to accommodate rising or variable traffic patterns, time to market to transfer data between sites as soon as possible, and challenges around vendor management," said Ho.

"DCNet addresses these issues by providing a service that allows customers to "pay as they grow" and not lock them into a long-term network contract for a service that they might not fully use. With its rapid delivery time, DCNet allows customers to connect to different sites quickly and for a short time, allowing them to accommodate unexpected changes in their business or the ability to seize opportunities quicker. Finally, by having all sites managed under one contract, there is only one vendor to negotiate and interface with for any service inquires thereby simplifying operations," he added.


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