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Key data center strategy considerations for HK companies

Kris Kumar | June 17, 2014
As the amount of data being produced, stored and transferred grows exponentially, the demands being placed on technology infrastructure continue to increase. This is certainly true in Hong Kong as a regional hub for the logistics and FIRE sectors (i.e. finance, insurance, real estate and business services), all of which heavily rely on secured data center facilities to support their operations.

Top five benefits of an outsourced data center

1. Reduced expenditure

In a dedicated data center facility, rent is calculated based on the amount of IT load delivered by uninterruptable power supply systems, not the square footage you occupy, which can result in significant savings and transparency of the operational costs. Consequently, cost of operation is reduced.

2. Reduced downtime

Outsourced data centers are housed in state-of-the-art facilities that are operated and maintained at the highest level of reliability. They also offer strict SLAs guaranteeing high uptime for critical IT equipment.

3. Risk mitigation

The security measures implemented by the providers of outsourced data centers take into consideration a wide range of factors that office buildings don't address, including geographical location, critical mechanical and engineering systems; building and structural elements; and physical and operational controls, among others.

4. Room to grow

Data center operators plan the long-term availability of space and power, which affords companies the flexibility to grow at their own pace without having to move office location or build their own dedicated facilities.

5. Regulatory compliance

While Hong Kong has yet to put in place laws governing data storage and distribution, there's a growing global trend in other markets where government and industry regulators are challenging firms to meet specific requirements for hosting their data center and overall IT infrastructure in-house. Built to comply with even the most stringent of regulations, outsourced data centers alleviate this concern, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements across multiple industries.

Kris Kumar, Senior Vice President & Regional Head, Asia Pacific, Digital Realty


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