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Guest View: Un-weave the hype around fabric computing

Bernie Trudel | Aug. 13, 2013
Fabric computing is, in a word, unified. It weaves together compute, networking, storage access and virtualisation into one cohesive system.

I'm clearly passionate about this trend, given we are at the front of it with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

Asian example

I know, this sounds a bit theoretical, so let me go through an example from Asia Pacific.

NTT Data, the global system application integrator, was facing an ageing IT system and was struggling to control total cost of ownership (TCO) while trying to upgrade their infrastructure.

NTT Data identified that it needed to migrate operations to a cloud-based model and virtualise its own system platforms. The company had previously developed a system platform for each administrative application it created; leaving it with numerous application-dedicated servers that not only took up physical space but budget space by consuming large amounts of power. The cost to upgrade every individual server would have been a recurring and astronomical cost.

NTT Data adopted Cisco UCS for its applications to be on a unified, fabric integrated architecture. The plug 'n' play capability of the blade powered UCS allowed NTT Data the ability to scale its cloud servers as it grew.

Now a few quick figures to bring this to life. NTT Data reduced TCO by a staggering 50 percent. They are now able to add in new blade servers to increase capacity or undergo maintenance in as little as 30 minutes and they also reduced their carbon dioxide emission by 79 percent.

The solution was so successful that NTT Data has applied the fabric solution to its own total cloud service, BIZXAAStm.

Something this powerful isn't just a buzzword or hyped-up product. It is the next step. It is where we blend public, private and hybrid clouds to offer whatever solution we need to move forward.  It transforms IT departments into active business profit centres, by allowing infrastructure and applications to be deployed rapidly and efficiently. Fabric is a collaborative solution at its best.

Bernie Trudel is CTO, Cisco's Cloud business in APJC


[1] Data centre infrastructure market will be worth $152 billion by 2016 (

[2] Gartner report: Fabric Computing Poised as a Preferred Infrastructure for Virtualization and Cloud Computing, February 11, 2011, George J. Weiss and Andrew Butler Report. ID number: G00210438.]



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