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Guest View: Cutting through the complexity

Mike Jansma | July 19, 2013
Planning and controlling data centre downtime.

Yet, if the PDU becomes too hot and fails, the server will shut down and cause downtime. The latest intelligent PDUs are rated much higher, with capacities to withstand as much as 55 degrees. Each increase in temperature requires less cooling, meaning less energy is needed so the data centre becomes a more energy efficient environment, in addition to providing much-needed and an easily identifiable cost reduction for the business.

Future proofing

In technology areas, change is constant. If data centre stakeholders have the opportunity to enable their infrastructure to incorporate new products, then they will not limit their potential for growth. If left unattended, poor data centre infrastructure will continue to contribute to recurring downtime events and will limit growth. Many overlook the need to assess existing data centre infrastructure, before considering a complete overhaul. But by investing in small but vital components, unnecessary largescale investments can be avoided.

Collaboration between key stakeholders is crucial. PDUs can enable IT and facilities managers to understand each other and work together to manage server uptime and capacity planning. This in turn supports the crucial work of installers and engineers who need to operate within the data centre environment. By being proactive rather than reactive to downtime events, data centre operators can minimise the risk of downtime even if the area may seem small. If staff can control products in their data centre and are fed accurate details about power consumption, then they are less likely to have to manage an unexpected downtime incident.

While risk cannot be entirely eliminated, the risk strategy budget can be reduced so that money is not wasted and funds can be released back into the business. Furthermore, by planning and buying the right small but vital components, managers can future proof their data centre for stable growth.

Mike Jansma is Co-founder of Enlogic.




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