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Fuji Xerox Singapore partners with cloud vendors to benefit SMEs and enterprises

Zafirah Salim | April 17, 2014
Adds a new business framework to its suite of document management solutions to provide business process management (BPM) systems and data centre management services.

Fuji Xerox Singapore is partnering with two cloud vendors, Imagine and Racks Central.

The document and knowledge management solutions provider announced this last week in Singapore.

The partnership, according to the document management company, aims to provide business process management (BPM) systems and data centre management services, and is targeted at organisations of all sizes – from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations (MNCs).

This allows firms to benefit from increased productivity through automation delivered by cloud solutions, a Fuji Xerox spokesperson said in a statement.

“The need for content management, infrastructure, and cloud solutions and business process services can vary from enterprises to SMEs,” Bert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Fuji Xerox Singapore said. “While enterprises traditionally drive the demand for smart data management in their private clouds, we see a new set of increasing demand coming from SME clients. They are looking to keep the cost of ownership down while hoping to use automation as means to improve productivity.”

Smarter business process management with aBzB

Collaborating with Imagine, Fuji Xerox Singapore is launching cloud-based BPM service called aBzB Enterprise Management Suite. It is meant for SMEs to easily manage their business processes such as HR Payroll and Warehouse Inventory, on a single dashboard that is kept up-to-date with real-time data and social collaboration.

The system also runs on Microsoft’s Windows Azure to enable SMEs to tap into cloud computing without investing in their own infrastructure.

Effective data management on private clouds

Fuji Xerox Singapore is also providing a suite of data centre management services together with Racks Central. This partnership provides plenty of private cloud offerings for firms who are seeking to increase tech productivity. The services offered range from managing off-site servers to provisioning computing requirements as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) within their own private cloud.

Both aBzB Enterprise Management Suite and Fuji Xerox Singapore Private Cloud Stack are available from April 2014 onwards.


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