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F5 execs: We're blasting virtualization beyond Layer 3

John Gallant | Nov. 12, 2013
F5 Networks puts focus on network and service virtualization.

Most customers, certainly in the enterprise space, are not yet at the point where they're actually deploying SDN; SDN is a fairly emerging trend, although it gets a lot of press. Is there value for them in this Synthesis architecture before they even get to SDN?
McAdam: Oh, yeah, totally. Take the DDoS reference architecture that we're talking about. That doesn't need to be in an SDN world. I mean that can be basically in data centers today. The beauty about having that sitting on top of Synthesis is that it allows us to really talk to the customer in terms they understand, about things they have issues with and relate to. It also makes it easier to implement. We're not waiting on product being available from our partners to do this. This is stuff that can happen in the data center today. As customers deploy SDN, it gets even better, because it makes that deployment even easier from a customer perspective, because that extends into the Layer 2-3 world as well.

Rivelo: And just to put a little bit more context around it, since we abstract ourselves from the network, [it works] any which way you can get a network to us. That could be a physical port off of a switch, that could be a VLAN, or the new generations of software-defined networks. Any way you get a network to us, we provide the services on top. Remember, the network is just the means to move data or packets back and forth, but what we provide is the stuff sitting on top. So all of these reference architectures are available for traditional networking solutions.

And just real quickly, in terms of timeline, when does it roll out?
Rivelo: Synthesis is out, we launched it. What we've tried to do, because it was at our sales event, was not only to launch this concept and this architecture with the reference architectures, all the collateral associated with it for our sales force. So they're in training, they're learning, they're excited, and we're going to market with it right now.

Beyond Synthesis, are there any other burning F5 issues that we should be talking about?
McAdam: There's a lot on our plate right now. We're going to be doing some fairly significant announcements in a few weeks as well regarding some cloud solutions, but it's really not the time to talk about that.

Solutions targeted specifically to cloud buyers?
Rivelo: Correct. You'll see more in the coming months here.

McAdam: On a similar subject, we also did a small acquisition. I don't know if you noticed an announcement pretty recently, a small company called Versafe, a fraud detection capability. They have a security operation center, so it's sort of an as-a-service type solution. You'll see us doing more of that type of solution in the future as well, not just point products.


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