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Emerson Network Power cites three “Musts” for colo providers

Ike Suarez | Dec. 20, 2013
Power and infra solutions vendor says data centre co-location an increasingly attractive option for companies

Availability, efficiency, and scalability-three musts-are benefits co-location (colo) providers should offer would-be clients if they are to grow their business, according to Emerson Network Power.

A press statement by the Ohio-based vendor of network power and infrastructure solutions said the network of colo providers in the Asia-Pacific is steadily growing.

It said that " as data centres have grown in importance, complexity, and cost, and many have outgrown capacity, colocation  has become an increasing attractive option" as it quoted the vendor's vice president for global power Peter Panfil.


To make co-location feasible for data centre owners, the colo provider must be able to meet all the requirements of an in-house data centre at lower cost and increased speed while delivering better reliability, according to the statement.

"Physical and IT security, energy costs, scalability-including ease and speed of equipment deployment-and increased visibility are critical to a successful co-location conversion," the vendor said.

Colo operators should embrace best practices in availability, including careful attention to all uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), advised the vendor.

It noted that downtime is costly for colo providers.

Customer penalties for failure to meet service level agreements, loss of reputation, loss of business could be the negative effects of power outages, the statement pointed out.

Colos would also have to focus more on the operational efficiency of the data centre environment through simple efficiency tests to identify energy wastage.

There could then be a variety of technologies and approaches employed to improve efficiency and cut down expenses.

Likewise, the vendor said scalable infrastructure makes data centre deployment faster even as it lowers costs.

There are now over 200 colo data centres in the Asia Pacific with India having 77 of them.

Japan and Hong Kong have 37 and 22 respectively.

Other colo data centres are in Singapore, China, Australia, and Malaysia.


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